Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer season

Hi everybody.

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog more.  

We moved to a new house in March.  I love it because now we have a backyard and it's close to some of my favourite parks.

Then in April I had a scary happening.  For some reason there was blood in my droppings.  Mom and dad took me to the vet and he found a tumor in my colon.  

He had to do surgery to remove it.  He believes it was a type of cancer called sarcoma.  I felt pretty bad afterward -- my butt hurt and I couldn't play for two weeks!

But Dr. Shaffer did an amazing job.  I feel so much better now and there's no more blood.  Mom and dad are checking my condition.  I hope it's gone from my body.

This is the first weekend of the summer.  I'm watching the sunset.  It takes a long time but I don't mind.